3 Mar 2015

spring is just around the corner...

...the cranes have arrived in Sweden (from Africa) with a breath of fresh spring air and new paintings are just around the corner also.

Here in Sweden the Spring means a new light, one that banishes the winter months as a dark memory of the long winter nights. Spring light also means a new 'art' for Studio 5 resident painter Denis Taylor. 
This spring he plans to complete the project 'Second Nature'.
The project first was talked about by Denis and (the late) renown Professor of art, Nigel Whiteley in 2009 - Second Nature is not merely paintings of pretty mountains and flowery fields - it's more of a discovery of a new reality and a deep connection with the essence of nature itself. After the gloom and doom of urbanisation and contemporary arts isolation from nature over these last decades, Denis felt the pull of the natural world here in Sweden. Now as resident artist at Studio 5 that connection is taking a dramatic leap, with an enthusiasm he says he last felt when painting in Greece in 1990. The initial start of the project has already began with a few experimental paintings ("sunset over the lake"- "fall on the lake" in 2014.
With the 'visual intelligence' concept of abstraction integrated with figurative reality, the artist seeks to produce work which is has that ability to 'speak' with a special and personal spiritual connection to the viewer of the work, a connection humans feel at those times when rather than just seeing nature as separate from an individual, are part of it.

Here in sweden we welcome the Spring with a celebratory heart, we are sure that 'Second Nature' like a Swedish spring, cannot come soon enough for us all.